Mayavada: A Celebration Of The Unreal

Mayavadis believe that nothing is real... that the world is an illusion, a veil pulled over the absolute truth...

On February 18th, 2006 join us once again as we celebrate the unreal. Again we'll have two floors of music. Something for everyone! Our upstairs area will focus once again on the driving, mental sounds of psytrance and feature fully immersive psychedelic decor, while our downstairs area will feature a sampler of electronic dance music and some of the best talent the DC/MD/VA area has to offer. This party is not to be missed!

[ Gaian Mind | PSI - Philadelphia/NYC ]
Mastermind behind the legendary Philadelphia Shamanista Initiative (PSI) and a DJ of unmatched skill, Pat has rocked crowds up and down the East Coast with both full-on and progressive psychedelic sounds. Coming of age in Philly and currently based in Brooklyn, Pat is a true trance veteran with an ear for tunes that clean one's head and compel the body to dance. Smooth yet crunchy, raw yet refined, psychedelicious and immensely satisfying. The Sound of the Philly Underground!

[ Konvocation | Zero Divide | Soular Records - DC ]
With upcoming releases on TIP World, Soular Records, as well as tracks being produced for J00F Recordings and remix projects in the works for Wizzy Noise and Digital Blonde - 2006 will be the break out year for this USA born trance duo. Catch both members of Zero Divide in this special DJ performance!

Also Featuring Mayavada Residents:
BRIAN H [ Mayavada | Konvocation | Peripheral Fission - DC ]

RYPTIDE [ Mayavada | Peripheral Fission - DC ]

E2 [ EJ v. Ellis | Liquid Lounge Soundsytem | Full Frequency Ent. - VA ]

DANIELLA DOWNS [ Techfunk Alliance | OOBliss | Dead By Dawn - VA ]

MR. PHIPPS [ Audio Conspiracy - RVA ]

SOULAR [ Peripheral Fission | Super Secret Squirrels - MD ]

NEMO K [ Deep Throat Music | ]